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You have completed your online or land-based slot game. Your sound designers have added the perfect music and SFX.


So, why does your audio sound flat in the final product? ....   

  • Are you finding the audio quality varies from game to game?

  • Do you have multiple sound designers?  Are they  working on headphones, or in an office space that is not acousticaly correct?

  • Are you using html or Unity to create your product?


The html and Unity compression process eliminates several audio frequencies, which can result in the audio sounding flat and lifeless, lacking the clarity and definition it had prior to compression.


How it works: Each file is analysed, an acoustic fingerprint is created, and then processed and enhanced, utilising the latest state of the art audio Mastering Software and Hardware in an acoustically correct studio. 

Send your final game audio to our experienced team for audio mastering, and we will make your audio sound  wide and crisp with beautiful deep bass tones, creating a  consistent, clean and cohesive sound identity for your games.  We master each individual project specifically for its platform, resulting in audio that will sound fantastic through headphones, laptop speakers or standalone EGMs.

With over 25 years in the slot audio industry,  working in a fully equipped, acoustically treated recording studio, our team can correct all your audio deficiencies. We offer:


            a  One low set price per game 

            72 hour turnaround 

            Unlimited revisions


We understand that the game build process can take many months, and there are many audio we will work with you during the whole build timeframe, and will work with your audio team's requirements and audio formats. Whether it is a standalone EGM, or online slots, we strive for perfect audio fidelity on all formats.

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